Shooting now and before

Since ancient times people have been attracted to weapons. Mainly pistols. In the past pistols are used motre for hunting and for survival. Then for the fighting. There is too much, esspecialy in wars. Priority and easy to use weapons are preffered. Long guns were very attracted, because this guns seemed very strong. This guns is for example rifle or shotgun. The shotgun is used for hunting by hunter. With shotgung is hunted various animals for example deers, wild pig and other animals, which are hunted mainly in the forest. Nowadays hunters mostly hunt just for fun. But they only have to hunt animals that are allowed. They cannot hunt animal, which are endangered and very few. Each hunter is is always registered in the association and has in own registration number. Unfortunately there are poachers. There are dishonest people who hunt even where is a ban.

Long guns Kalshnikov

And for those who like to shoot recreationally, there can also use the shooting range praha. I thing, there is very good place and there is very fun. I was there a few times. I have never been disappointed. There are very nice people and they are always happy to help everyone. In our place is very fun. There is for example Triple X. It is about for beginners. This method id very easy and for everybody.

Shooting place

So there is also Dirty Harry, what is about if you are is able to keep little hand cannon. It sounds easy, but belive me, it is not easy. It is very heavy. There is also call of duty. Do you know this game? Yes, it is about for keeping maximum experience. You can shooting at home, shooting rance or another place. It is very fun for group friends.

And for least there is Army pack. I like this method, I prefered. You can play for example like a sniper 🙂

Good luck shooting!

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